Weber Hydrographics and Taxidermy offers many different Taxidermy options. 
Shoulder mounts, full body mounts, antler mounts, european mounts, and fish. 
What seperates our Taxidermy department from all others is that we offer top quality craftsmanship on a timely manner. 
We also offer a new twist on your antler and european mounts, along with your display plaque by applying our Hydrographic process. 
Weber Hydrographics and Taxidermy can also create any scene you can imagine for displaying your item.  Also available are glass enclosed cocktail, sofa, end tables, or any kind of display case you have in mind! 
Kevin and Randy are excited to be a part of your next Taxidermy project

We can also repair broken mounts to make them look new again!!!

                           Before                                                                                                                      After

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European Mounts...Mountain Mikes Artificial Skulls VS. The Real Thing!!!

If you want your european mount dipped Mountain Mike's is the way to go because I can get a much better detailed dip without the antlers on the skull and if you go with a Mountain Mike's Skull it saves you $30! I think they are the best looking artificial skull on the market. Most people cant tell the difference between them and a real skull!

Here is an example...

             Real                                 Real                                 Mt. Mike's                      Mt. Mike's

Weber Hydrographics and Taxidermy
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